Praxis Academy

We are proud to announce that The Bernardo Kohler Center has finally created an educational program designed to meet the needs of a diverse and ever-changing immigrant youth population. Praxis Academy is a private school operating under The Bernardo Kohler Center, a 501(c)(3) organization located in Austin, Texas.

Working with an immigrant population for over 12 years, The Bernardo Kohler Center has experienced a host of problems regarding helping our clients resume their educational learning after arriving in the United States.

Some students are illiterate, some can speak broken English, still others have attended some secondary schooling. We have learned through past experience(s) that the majority of our clients have faced several unexpected problems assimilating into the Texas public school system. Not only are these students overcoming difficulties living in a new country and learning a new language, but a large number are still processing traumatic life experiences including but not limited to: abusive or abandoned parents, losing friends and family members, a frightening journey to the United States and/or being detained within a United States detention facility.

For many immigrant students, this is the first time in their lives they have the opportunity to dedicate time and energy into their education. In this crucial time, it is necessary these students feel comfortable enough to trust their new learning environment and educators exercise patience and compassion when interacting with such a vulnerable student population.

It is for this reason that The Bernardo Kohler Center has created a private school which specifically addresses the needs of a growing immigrant population comprised of students with such rich and diverse backgrounds. Our program consists of several components which upon completion, leaves graduates with a high school diploma in hand and the proper educational foundation to pursue further schooling and eligibility for a broader array of employment opportunities.

Update: We are pleased to announce that Praxis Academy is working toward a partnership with the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas.